Optical Illusion Can Affect a Custom Home Project

If you get nervous during the initial planning stage of a custom home project. You need to understand that it is quite normal. Custom home building is not a simple process and requires a lot of planning. Some of the common confusions which you would have is how big you want the rooms to be. Even if the specs say that the rooms are bigger, when you look at the designs of the home, the rooms may appear smaller and it may freak you out.

This is when you need to discuss with your builder and get your doubts clarified. The builder would definitely say that it is normal to feel that the rooms are smaller just by looking at the designs and it would turn out well at the end and the builder is right. There is this concept of optical illusion which may make you feel that the house is smaller or the rooms are smaller during the initial planning stage. But, you should not let such fears affect the progress of the project. That is why an experienced custom home builder like Merlin would be very helpful.

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