Yaz Blood Clots Can Be Dangerous

If you are married or are in love, it is quite natural that you may want to make love to your partner and regularly too. But, it is of paramount importance that you take the necessary precautions every single time you make love to your partner in order to avoid any unintentional pregnancy.

Especially, in this age of science and technology where medical advancement has been tremendous, enough contraceptive options are available to make sure that unintended or accidental pregnancy doesn’t happen.

One of the most commonly used contraceptive measure is the usage of contraceptive pills. However, you may want to avoid Yaz due to the many reports of blood clots that are caused due to those yaz pills. Yaz blood clots can pretty dangerous to your blood cells and tissue. Sometimes, it is reported to have causeĀ irreparableĀ damage.


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